SafeSportLogoAs of Jan. 1, 2016, USATF is in full compliance with U.S. Olympic Committee SafeSport requirements. This may mean different things to you as a member, based on the roles you have within our organization. Here are some key tips about what SafeSport means to our members:
SafeSport is helping to keep the athletic environment safe for you and all USATF members, especially children. If you are a Youth Member or the parent of a Youth Member, please reference our
SafeSport Directory, which details all USATF members who have passed the USATF background screen and completed the USOC SafeSport Course. Any adult who works with your team or club should be listed here.
  • If you are a USATF club coach or volunteer who has regular interaction with youth athletes, you are obligated to meet two requirements:
    • Be a current USATF Member
    • Pass a USATF background screen and complete the USOC SafeSport Course either online or in person. 
  • Check the SafeSport Directory to make sure you have met both requirements. In order to maintain your current role with USATF, you must maintain these requirements.
  • If you are a coach on the USATF Coaches Registry, you must pass a USATF background screen and complete the USOC SafeSport course in order to continue to be a member of the program.
All USATF members should be familiar with the USATF SafeSport Handbook. This document details the goals of the SafeSport program, obligations we have as members to contribute to a safe environment, and tips for identifying and reporting potential abuse.

To complete the SafeSport course, click here.

Thank you to all of our members working to keep our sport safe!